The Reality Expansion Pack now supports the JustFlight Piper Turbo Arrow.

The Piper Turbo Arrow is an exceptional cross country plane. Powered with a Turbo engine, it can fly very fast from FL12 and upper.

Main Highlights

Realistic Continental TSIO-360-FB engine

The Continental TSIO-360-FB is a turbo, fuel-injected, 200Hp engine. It’s coupled with a constant speed propeller. All the engine systems are carefully modelled to match real-world data. You can now fly manage this engine in detail using the checklists and the custom maintenance system.

The TCM continuous flow fuel-injection system is fully modeled and it features a primer to prime the engine properly. Check out the priming-time table in the checklists before startup!

The TCM IO-360 engine

The turbosupercharger model is very accurate. It properly recreates the relation between throttle, propeller, mixture and boost. Increase the propeller speed will increse the boost, while leaning the mixture will reduce boost. Changing one of the engine settings will require you, the pilot, to rearrange the others. Just like the real thing.

The turbosupercharger features a fixed wastegate. That is, you overboost the engine by just slamming the throttle to the firewall. You’ll have to advance the throttle until it reaches the required manifold pressure and then adjust it on climb/descent or when any other engine parameter (propeller or mixture) changes. The engine is damaged in case of prolonged overboost.

To prevent an overboost, a pressure relief valve is placed in the manifold after the turbo. But beware. The valve is not that fast to react!

Pimp my flight!

If you want a smoother ride, you can make some changes to your engine. First of all, you will find the two upgrades you already know from the previous REPs:

  • Tuned Fuel Injectors: these will let you run the engine with lower vibrations and fuel comsuption. These injectors are perfect to run the engine Lean of Peak.
  • Tuned Exhausts: provide about 10% more HP for the same fuel flow and lower CHT.
  • Fine wire sparkplugs: to get a better combustion and lower carbon deposits

Then, if you really want to make a step forward, you can mount an automatic wastegate controller. Similar to the one mounted in the Cessna 210, this controller will keep stable the manifold pressure you select with the throttle. This will not prevent an overboost if you slam the throttle forward, but will surely make a big, positive change in how you manage the engine.

Moreover, the automatic wastegate will improve the overall engine performance, giving about 5% more power at altitude.

Custom landing gear emergency extension system

The Piper Arrow/Turbo Arrow features a landing gear system that allows for both automatic and manual emergency landing gear extension. The system is now 100% realistic down to the last bolt.

The landing gear will automatically extend even when the landing gear lever is up when the manifold pressure is lower than ~19 inHg or the speed is lower than ~90 knots IAS.

The automatic extension can be disabled on the landing gear mode switch selector placed in between the front seats.

Realistic flight dynamics

The Piper P28T is a very stable airplane. It’s a great tourer and an awesome IFR platform.

What else should we add? Maybe that REP supports the Experimental Flight Model. You’ll get realistic stall, landing, and takeoff speeds and behavior. You already know the quality of our flight model.

Extra sounds

As usual, REP adds a lot of new 3D sounds to improve your simulation experience. You will hear the engine compression clicks, the new dynamic tire touchdown sounds, the strobe lights flashing sounds and much more!

Custom maintenance and damages system

This is the core of the REP experience! From here, you can manage, fix, and even tweak all the onboard systems.

Interactive Walkaround

The interactive pre-flight, post-flight and lights-checks walkaround feature (now compatible with VR!) lets you check all the systems of the airplane before and after your flight.

Make sure everything is ok before jumping in the plane and take off!

Custom kneeboard

A custom kneeboard contains all the normal and emergency checklists, as well as the performance data required to plan your flight.

REP includes a printable PDF version of the checklist as well.

Custom Fuel Management integrated with JustFlight’s Mass and Balance

When you enable the economy system, you can buy and sell fuel as well as load it into your plane. This feature is 100% compatible with the JustFlight Weight and Balance tool that comes with the P28T.

FSEconomy integration

Last but not least, if you’re an FSE flyer, make sure to link REP to FSEconomy to get the most out of it!

Release: Reality Expansion Pack for JustFlight Piper Turbo Arrow
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