A new update of the Reality Expansion Pack is freely available for both the Piper Arrow, the Piper Turbo Arrow, and the SF.260.

You can download it from the store or using the SkunkCrafts Updater.

Full Changelog

  • Both Arrows: Restored the the A/P hold hidden button with a fix to avoid the sound loop
  • Both Arrows: The rudder check during walkaround takes rudder cables stiffness into account
  • Both Arrows: Improved the drag curve at low speed
  • Both Arrows: Improved the yaw moment at low speed
  • Both Arrows: Improved the flaps extension/retraction speed
  • Fix: crash while switching to VR
  • Turbo Arrow Only – Fix: EGT indicator going out of scale
  • Turbo Arrow Only – Fix: Overboost light randomly going off
  • SF260 Only – Fix: headset muffling did not work as expected after v4.4.0

Update: REP 4.5.4 for Piper Arrow, Turbo Arrow and the SF.260
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