Fully compatibile with X‑Plane 12, new 3D rain effects included, starting from version 4.7.0 of the Reality Expansion Pack

This package is meant for Carenado Piper PA-31 Navajo for X-Plane 11.

How does REP change the Navajo?

The Reality Expansion Pack acts over different aspects of the Piper Navajo. Here are some:

  1. A 100% custom piston engine model completely overrides the default one, providing the most advanced piston engine simulation in the market.
  2. The flight dynamics are replaced to match the real world data. This has been done in collaboration with real world Navajo pilots that took part in beta testing the airplane.
  3. The onboard systems and the failures are simulated by the 120.000+ lines of code contained in the plugin. Many of the features listed in the paragraph below are related directly to this point.
  4. The extra tools such as the maintenance report, the kneeboard, the weight & balance, and the walkaround
  5. Makes the base plane fully compatible with X-Plane 12!
  6. Many 3D objects are added to complete the original model: the tie-downs, the chocks, the preheater and more.
  7. The sounds effects are greatly enhanced by the plugin providing things such the engines realistic droning sound (you don’t find it in any other X-Plane addon), the wind sounds, the unique stereo touch down sounds and the amazing startup sounds.

Features List

Code driven flight dynamics

  • Super smooth to fly, requires your attention all the time
  • Realistic takeoff, landing, cruise, and overall performance
  • Realistic roll speed at both high and low speeds
  • Realistic slow speed behavior

Interactive Walkaround

  • Cockpit checks
  • Lights checks
  • Aileron, rudder, elevator, and flaps check
  • Tire check and choks removal
  • Tie-down removal
  • Pitot tube check
  • Engine cowl check

Realistic onboard systems and procedures

  • Custom Kneeboard (in-sim) and PDF Normal and Emergency Checklists included
  • Custom Oxygen (O2) system
  • Custom vacuum system
  • Custom steering system

Mass & Balance Tool

  • Load the airplane and check the C.G. and weight limits at takeoff and landing
  • The airplane behavior changes when the C.G. moves

Complex Damages System

  • Triggered by the pilot actions
  • Based on real-world data
  • Target every system in the aircraft
  • Meant to teach how to correctly manage an airplane

Simulation state saving

  • Every single switch and lever position is restored when you reload the aircraft
  • The battery may discharge if you leave it on and then close X-Plane
  • When X-Plane is launched, the engine and oil temperature are restored based on the time passed

Economic System

100% Custom Piston Engine

  • The Lycoming TIO-540-A2C is modeled down to the smallest bolt and breathes air like a real engine
  • Realistic turbocharger behavior
  • Custom fuel pumps and fuel filter
  • Custom vacuum pumps
  • Realistic Oil System affected by Oil Viscosity. Choose the best oil grade for your kind of operation.
  • Spark plugs fouling. Change the spark plugs type in the maintenance report.
  • Working engine preheater
  • A custom algorithm simulates the fuel/air mixture and its combustion
  • Custom injection system simulation
  • It is possible to switch the default fuel injectors with balanced ones (provide better performance)
  • High fidelity power curve
  • Custom system failures
  • Realistic startup behavior and procedures
  • Automatic startup option for a quick start
  • Differencies in throttle, propeller, and mixture levers setting from left and right engine to achieve the same power make the simulation more realistic (engine differencies can be disabled in settings)

Engine Preheater and Winterization Kit

  • The engine may be warmed up upon start with the provided electrical heater
  • Once activated, the electrical heater runs even when you close the simulator

Interactive towing

  • Push, pull and steer using the joystick
  • Towbar simulation

Electrical & Avionics System

  • Realistic Battery behavior
  • The battery can be disconnected if the airplane is not used for some time
  • The avionics are damaged if on when the engine starts/shuts down

Realistic Landing Gear

  • The landing gear is damaged by hard landings
  • The brakes and tires are damaged if not managed correctly

Custom simulation of Hypoxia

  • Tunnel vision
  • Hard breathing

Learn with the in-flight tips

  • A non-invasive tip with a suggestion about the conduct of the flight is shown when you are not flying the airplane properly
  • A non-invasive tip with a suggestion on how to recover the problem is shown when you damage the airplane

Native Virtual Reality Support

  • Complete support of new X-Plane SDK 3.0
  • Menu visible in VR
  • Windows visible in VR

Developed with love

  • Coded by real pilots

Automatic Updates

  • The airplane is constantly improved
  • Issues are quickly fixed

Very easy on FPS

  • Written in C++ with no compromises