HeadShake is an X-Plane 10/11/12 free and open source camera plugin which adds some nice POV effects while flying in virtual cockpit view.
It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac (Intel and M CPUs).


G-Force effects

Basing on the g forces currently acting on the airplane, the cockpit view is moved around to simulate the pilot head’s inertia. The movements are filtered to avoid sudden shifts so the entire experience is really smooth.

The g-force effects add some nice realism while flying in the clouds and in turbulence. In those situations, it will be easier to “feel” the aircraft.

Reality Expansion Pack Integration

If you fly with the Reality Expansion Pack¬†for the highest realism in X-Plane, it will drive HeadShake to simulate the right¬†vibrations of the engine you’re flying. Discover more here!

Look Ahead

While flying at high Gs, the view is moved towards the flight path. This is useful if you’re flying a high-performance aircraft and want to avoid collisions with ground obstacles, for example.

Taxi Look Ahead

While taxiing, the view turns based on the rudder input and the aircraft direction. This feature is highly configurable and allows the pilot to lean forward to get a better view of the outside.

Ground roll bumps

When on the ground, the cockpit is shaken by the ground bumps. The shaking is based on the speed, the surface type, the aircraft weight, and many other factors.

Touchdown Effect

At landing, the view is shaken when the airplane touches down on the runway. The effect is more visible if you do a hard landing.

Piston engine vibrations

If your plane is equipped with one or more piston engines, the cockpit will be shaken by their torque. The shaking is based on the actual cylinder compression so you’ll find that while starting the engine the entire airframe vibrates relatively to the propeller speed and position.

While on the ground, the vibrations are heavier than on flight because of the different damping ratio of the airframe linked to the ground via the landing gear.

Every engine is processed alone so every engine has its own effect on the airframe’s vibrations.

Rotor vibrations

If you’re flying a helicopter, you’ll see that the entire cockpit is shaken by the rotors. The shakes of a 5 blades rotor, such an MD-500, are different than the ones of a 2-blades like the B206.

Just like the piston engine vibrations, the rotor vibrations are higher on the ground than in flight.

Level Head

Keep the view leveled when turning. You can change the sensitivity of the effect to make it fit your needs.

Friendly settings menu

From the settings menu, you can enable or disable any of the features of HeadShake. For example, you can disable the engine vibrations while keeping the g-force effects and the rotor shaking.

Every feature has its own sensitivity slider so you can choose the settings that fit you and your aircraft.