is a small company made out of an international team.

Our headquarter is based in a tiny, vintage italian town (009°/26.6nm from TOP).

From this remote and hidden location we’re shacking the world of X-Plane since the release of HeadShake.

Some of us are real world pilots. We squeeze into X-Plane the experience we build while flying real airplanes.
The Reality Expansion Pack is all about it.

Our work routine consists of:

  1. Flying the local club’s airplanes
  2. Annoying the club’s mechanic with tons of questions
  3. Being kicked out of the hangar by that very same mechanic
  4. Putting the answers and the kicks into our products!

A good part of the incomes are re-invested in flying and collecting data from real world airplanes. Aanother part is used to help them.

Claudio Nicolotti

Stefan Hatt
Aircraft Livery Artist

Cristiano Tagliabue
Beta Tester

Tomas Garcia Fresno
Beta Tester

Simon Lam
Beta Tester

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