What it is

The Reality Expansion Pack for X‑Plane 11 and 10 is an add-on that replaces some internal parts of the sim with custom ones, greatly enhancing the realism.

It replaces and enhances the flight & ground dynamics, the default piston engine, the electrical system, the landing gear and many other aspects of the airplane, adding things such  real world physicsnew stereo sounds and extra 3D elements.

REP also provides a damages system, a maintenance hangar and the interactive ground checks.

You learn how o use it and become a better pilot thanks to the in-flight tips: a simple and not invasive way to let you know when you’re doing something wrong to the airplane and how to fix the problem.

How to get it

The package is currently available for the following planes:

The add-on must be installed inside the aircraft you want to enhance. Once the installation is done, it will replace the default X‑Plane systems with more complex and realistic ones.

You can always rollback to the default airplane by disabling the package.

We are constantly working to extend the range of available aircrafts. You can find many more informations about it in our blog.

Why should you choose REP?

The reasons are pretty straight away:

  1. Leading technology: REP was the first addon of its class for X‑Plane. We did to X‑Plane what A2A did to Flight Simulator and P3D.
  2. Beware of imitations: No one else does what we do. The engine physics simulated by REP have no rivals in the X‑Plane world. Period.
  3. We publish a ton of resources such tutorials and how-tos.
  4. With REP you really learn new things everytime you fly with the sim.
  5. We continuosly add new features into REP: just check our blog to see how many upgrades we made in the last year.
  6. You upgrade your REP package for free every time we release a new version, adding new outstanding features! Even for major changes!

Watch the videos

REP Preview VideoREP Preview VideoREP Preview Video

 Main Features

Flight & Ground Dynamics

A Cessna 210M retracting the landing gear

You will experience one of the most advanced flight dynamics engine ever made for X-Plane. You will be able to plan every single step of your flight basing on the real airplane manual.

Wou won’t see any notable difference from the data provided buy the real life manual and the airplane you’ll fly in the simulator.


Wearing, Damages & Maintenance

REP simulates tons of different damages of a real aircraft. Eventually you have to take care of your X‑Plane aircraft!

Moreover, the wear and tear is persistent. An error today may lead to a failure tomorrow.

Using the maintenance hangar you can track the status of each system and take action when a part requires maintenance.

Economy System

Get rewarded for your flight time and your landings with virtual dollars. The dollars are then stored in your REP’s bank account.

You can spend your money on fuel, the everyday maintenance of your aircraft or repair/replace the broken parts.

More info at the Economy System Page.

Realistic Complex Engine Logic

Fuel pump switches

This is, no doubts, the most complex and realistic piston engine ever simulated in X‑Plane. Period.

It requires you to follow the correct procedures. It may starve, it may flood, it may stutter and die.

It’s so complete that you may even use the real world engine manual to fly this sim!


Realistic On-board Systems

The electrical system, the avionics, the landing gear, the oxygen system, the brakes, the tires and many others. They are all simulated and you will have to take care of them, both in flight and on ground, using the tech report.

Interactive Walkaround

Before and after the flight, you will walk around the airplane and check the external parts.

That is, using the walkaround checklists, you can check the ailerons, the elevator, the rudder, remove the tie-down and make sure that the landing gear is correctly working.

Aircraft Persistent State

Everytime you shut down the sim, REP will continue to update its state. Once the sim is reloaded, the switches position, the fuel quantity and every other element will be just like you would expect it to be.

The engine and oil temperatures are restored accordingly to the elapsed time since the last engine run.

Popup Kneeboard


To fly a complex aircraft, you will need a lot of references.

Therefore, in the popup kneeboard you’ll find the checklists, the references tables and the emergency procedure.

They are right there, at the distance of a mouse gesture!

Weight & Balance Tool

Set the passengers weight and the fuel load. The center of gravity  will move and the aircraft behavior will change.

For the first time you will have to care about how many people you’re loading and how much baggage they are going to carry.

Stunning 3D Sounds

REP adds half a ton of new sounds to X‑Plane. You will experience, among the others, the propeller wind over the windshield, the different stereo sounds of the tires touching the asphalt and the amazing, always different sounds of the engine roaring up during startup.

We recorded the sounds from the real airplanes at the local flying club. You will enjoy them during the flight as well during the walkaround.

Moreover, our custom sound engine is way better than FMOD and works in both X‑Plane 11 and 10. You can get a glimpse in this video.

In-flight tips

REP Failure Message

You’re a rookie? Don’t worry. REP will transform you in a pro using the in-flight tips. They are a non invasive way of telling you what you are doing wrong and what can you do to solve the issue.

If you’re experiencing a failure, REP will tell you why and how to not step into it again in the future.

It’s like having a flight instructor by your side!

Interactive towing


Tow your airplane using the provided tow bar. You can push, pull and steer the aircraft using the joystick.
The more heavy is the aircraft, the more force you will need to move it.

Pay attention to its inhertia!


There are videos that show how REP works and reviews made by our users.

You may want to visit our blog where you find tons of resources and how-tos for REP. We keep our blog always up to date with different kind of articles, from previews to tutorials.

Moreover, we’re growing a community were you can stay in touch with us and learn/share your experience with other pilots.

You won’t be alone anymore in the virtual skies!