Components wear out with time

The Reality Expansion Pack features a complete wearing system for the entire airplane. That is, each component of the airplane wears out when in use and after some time it starts to show some issues or fail completely.

Time and user’s handling affect every component in different ways. Some examples?

If you mistreat the engine by running it above its limits, it will get worn out, showing startup issues, combustion problems and providing less power than expected. It will completely fail over time.

A hard landing will affect the gear status and the tire thread.

The cockpit instrumentation needles are more precise in a newly calibrated gauge rather than in an old one.

You can even load an already worn out airplane like it was used by the previous owner or a flying club.

Brand new RPM ndicator

The same indicator after a thousand hours of usage

Persistent Aircraft State

REP saves and updates the status of each component even when the sim is not running.

This is true for engine components, electrical system parts, airframe and even flight instrumentation.

That is, your aircraft will carry your marks on its shoulders. Be careful in handling it and it will reward you with thousand of hours of flying. Mistreat it, and it will play awful jokes on you when its components get worn out.

The components data is continuously updated even when the sim is not running.

If you shut down your engine and then fire up the sim few minutes later, the oil will still be warm enough for a warm start. If you load the same aircraft hours later, the engine will eventually require a cold start.