This update is free for all the current users. It can be downloaded directly from the store or by using the SkunkCrafts Updater.

X-CPL-Pilot Integration

Starting from this version, it is now possible to connect REP’s economy system with X-CPL-Pilot.

Once connected, REP will withdraw the money required for maintenance directly from X-CPL-Pilot’s bank account. The way of working is very similar to the FSEconomy connection that was introduced in REP v4.1.

Cessna 172SP updates

Improved the P-Factor and yaw moment during turns

The airplane now requires more rudder to keep the ball centered during turns. This improvement is based on more datapoints we received from our users who fly the C172SP in real life.

It is now possible to set a custom P-Factor and Pitch Down on Stall ratio

We have now assessed that two identical C172SP show slightly different P-Factor and pitch-down moments on stall.

Now in REP’s settings you can fine tune the two characteristics to make REP match the plane you fly in real world for training or amusement.

Full Changelog

  • New: REP Economy System now supports X-CPL-Pilot
  • Fix: in some configurations, the installer may not properly modify the FMOD .snd files
  • Fix: in the maintenance window, some text could oveflow from the borders
  • P28R Fix: the ignition keys animation did not work properly
  • C172: Improved the yaw moment behavior during turns
  • C172: It is now possible to set a custom P-Factor and Pitch Down on Stall ratio
  • F33A XP11 Fix: the gear warning light went off above 17 inHg manifold pressure
  • PA-18 Fix: in the small tundra version, the chocks were not visible
  • PA-18: Improved the VR support
Update: REP v4.5.6
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