Are you ready for some radial engine action?

A new Reality Expansion Pack for the amazing Thranda DHC-2 Beaver just hit the store.

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The most accurate Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior sim replica

The Beaver is powered by a Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior. The Wasp Junior is a 9 cylinders, 450hp engine. It is the most powerful engine modeled by REP so far. It’s also the one that gives more fun together with its amazing sound. Of course, the Reality Expansion Pack models this engine down to the smallest bolt thanks to our custom engine model that fully replaces X-Plane’s default.

Geared Supercharger

The engine of the Beaver gets most of its power by supercharging the manifold air. Unlike the other supercharged engines modeled by REP, the R-985 features a geared supercharged. That is, the supercharger gets its power directly from the engine shaft. A turbosupercharger like the one in the Centurion uses an exhaust-gas turbine instead. The direct result of this is that the manifold air compression very much depends on the engine RPM.

We modeled the supercharger behavior based on a large amount of data. The centrifugal compressor compression-vs-rpm curve has the proper shape to give you the most realistic experience.

Expect an update for the Centurion and the Piper Turbo Arrow as well. In fact, a nice side-effect of the work done on the R-985 supercharger is that we can now apply the acquired knowledge to the other supercharged engines as well!


Booster Coil Switch

We carefully studied and modeled the ignition to give you the most realistic experience. For example, you need to properly use the booster coil to startup the engine.

What’s a booster coil? Booster coils facilitate engine starting by furnishing a high-tension current to the spark plugs during engine cranking at a time when the output voltage of the magneto is low due to engine speed.

If you don’t turn on the booster coil, it’s very unlikely that the engine will ever startup.

Pressure Carburetor

Automatic Mixture Control Lever

In REP’s maintenance window, it is possible to switch carburetor type between a conventional pressure carburetor and a Bendix-Stromberg carburetor with AMC (Automatic Mixture Control).

We modeled the automatic mixture control by carefully tuning the fuel flow based on the size of the different nozzles mounted inside the carburetor. This makes the engine follow the published performance charts with astonishing precision. Just move the mixture lever to the Auto-Rich or Auto-Lean position and see the magic happen!

Complex fuel system and startup procedure

The Beaver fuel system consists of 5 fuel tanks (plus an option external tank), one mechanical pump, a manual wobble pump and a primer. You will need to use anything at your disposal for engine starting. Therefore, following the checklist is more critical than ever!

Very precise power output and fuel burn

Thanks to our custom engine model, we can easily code the proper power output and fuel flows for any given power setting. The included performance charts are very useful to plan your flight. It’s then easy to do the correct speed and fuel calculations.

Improved Beaver Flight Dynamics

The Beaver comes with very good flight dynamics but REP brings the plane a step further.

The Reality Expansion Pack improves the drag curve for both the conventional tail-dragger version and the float/amphibian models. Therefore, it makes the plane match the correct takeoff distance, the climb performance, the cruise speed and the landing behavior.

Advanced damages and repairs system

Every component of the plane can be damaged or just worn out thanks to our custom damages system. You can then fix/overhaul/replace the components using the maintenance window.

Economy System

REP comes with a custom economy system that makes your simulation even more challenging. Get a reward for your flights and use the money you earn to upgrade or repair your plane!

REP’s economy system is currently compatible with FSEconomy and X-CPL-Pilot. More providers will be supported soon.

And much more!

Check out the product page to get an insight of all the features that come with this package.

Released: Reality Expansion Pack for Thranda Beaver
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