Attention all X-Plane enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Reality Expansion Pack (REP) for the Thranda Pilatus Turbo Porter is now available on the Store. This pack takes the already fantastic Turbo Porter to new heights, offering an unparalleled level of realism and immersion for virtual pilots.

The Pilatus Turbo Porter: A Brief Overview

The Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter is a legendary Swiss utility aircraft renowned for its short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities and rugged versatility. Whether it’s delivering supplies to remote mountain villages or performing precision skydiving drops, the Turbo Porter excels in challenging environments. The addition of the Reality Expansion Pack (REP) enhances this experience by providing an ultra-realistic simulation of the aircraft’s performance and handling characteristics.

Why REP is a Game-Changer for the Turbo Porter

The REP brings a host of features that elevate the simulation of the Turbo Porter to a professional level. It meticulously recreates the aircraft’s systems, handling, and operational nuances, making every flight a deeply immersive and educational experience. From engine management to maintenance procedures, the REP ensures that every aspect of flying the Turbo Porter is as authentic as possible.

Custom Steering System for the Turbo Porter Tailwheel

One of the standout features of the Reality Expansion Pack for the Turbo Porter is its custom steering system for the tailwheel. This system accurately simulates the unique behavior of the Turbo Porter’s tailwheel:

  • Below 25° of steering: The tailwheel is connected to the toe pedals, allowing for precise control during taxiing and ground handling.
  • Above 25° of steering: The tailwheel free castors, enabling tight turns and enhanced maneuverability on the ground.

This feature is particularly useful for simulating the aircraft’s performance in confined spaces and during short-field operations, reflecting the real-world capabilities of the Turbo Porter.

Additionally, pilots can customize the tailwheel spring tension, tailoring the ground handling characteristics to their personal preferences and flying style. This level of detail ensures that the ground handling of the this plane in the simulator is as close to reality as possible.

REP’s Detailed Modeling of the Pratt & Whitney PT6 Turboprop

The Reality Expansion Pack offers an incredibly detailed modeling of the Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop engine, a hallmark of the Turbo Porter’s powerplant. REP simulates the engine’s intricate characteristics, including:

  • Accurate startup and shutdown procedures
  • Authentic response to environmental conditions such as temperature and altitude
  • Detailed fuel management and consumption patterns

This level of detail ensures that pilots must apply real-world techniques and knowledge to operate the engine efficiently and safely, providing an authentic flying experience.

Classic Features of the Reality Expansion Pack

The Reality Expansion Pack is renowned for its comprehensive set of features that enhance the overall flight simulation experience. For the Turbo Porter, these include:

  • Maintenance Window: A detailed interface for inspecting and maintaining various aircraft components, ensuring the aircraft remains in top condition.
  • Custom Walkaround: A pre-flight inspection routine that allows pilots to check the aircraft thoroughly before every flight.
  • Custom Towing: A feature that simulates ground handling procedures, including pushing and pulling the aircraft on the ground.
  • Custom Failures: Realistic system failures and malfunctions that can occur randomly or be triggered manually for training purposes.
  • In-Flight Tips: Helpful hints and advice displayed during flight to aid pilots in managing the aircraft and its systems effectively.

These features not only add to the realism but also provide valuable learning opportunities for virtual pilots, making every flight a chance to improve their skills.


The Reality Expansion Pack for the Thranda Pilatus Turbo Porter is a must-have for any serious flight simulation enthusiast. By combining the Turbo Porter’s legendary performance with REP’s unparalleled attention to detail, this package offers an extraordinary level of immersion and realism. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a newcomer to the world of flight simulation, the REP for the Turbo Porter promises an engaging and educational experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your virtual piloting to the next level—available now on the Store.

Introducing the Reality Expansion Pack for the Thranda Pilatus Turbo Porter
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