Attention all virtual pilots and enthusiasts! We’re excited to announce the release of the latest update, version 4.8.4, for the Reality Expansion Pack (REP). As always, this update is free for all REP users and is now available for download from the store as a full installation package or can be conveniently obtained via the SkunkCrafts Updater.

Tailwheel Steering Springs Preload Adjustment

One of the standout features introduced in this update is the ability for users to adjust the tailwheel steering springs preload of the Thranda Beaver for XP12. The Beaver boasts a unique tailwheel steering mechanism designed to optimize ground maneuverability. Unlike conventional aircraft, the Beaver doesn’t rely on a tailwheel lock. Instead, it employs a sophisticated spring-loaded system that disengages the tailwheel from the steering system when the steering angle exceeds 35 degrees. This design ensures smoother and more responsive ground handling while preventing oversteering.

Beaver tailwheel: the springs preload can now be adjuste with the v4.8.4 REP update.

With REP, we’ve fully simulated this intricate tailwheel steering system, and now, users can fine-tune their experience even further. The tailwheel steering springs preload adjustments offer pilots the flexibility to tailor steering responsiveness to their preference or operational needs. Accessed through the Maintenance Window and the “Controls” page, pilots can choose from three settings, allowing for a more rigid or softer steering feel depending on the desired handling characteristics. This adjustment empowers pilots to optimize their aircraft’s performance for various runway conditions, maneuverability requirements, or personal preferences, ensuring a smoother and more controlled taxiing experience.

Full Changelog

  • Thranda Beaver XP12: Introducing the ability to change the tailwheel steering springs preload.
  • Thranda Beaver XP12: Improved rudder trim authority.
  • Cessna 172: Updated N1 and N2 datarefs to enhance the functionalities of other plugins relying on them.
  • Steering: Fixed to improve steering capabilities when the Advanced Steering function is disabled.

We’re thrilled to continue enhancing the realism and immersion of your flight simulation experience with each update. At SimCoders, we’re committed to delivering the most authentic and engaging aircraft experiences possible, and this latest update is just another step in that journey.

So, whether you’re a seasoned virtual aviator or just beginning your flight simulation adventure, be sure to grab the latest REP update and take to the virtual skies with enhanced ground maneuverability and control. Happy flying!

Update: Reality Expansion Pack 4.8.4
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