A brand new free update is now available to all the simcoders Reality Expansion Pack users. This update can be downloaded from the store or using the SkunkCrafts Updater.

Improved VR Walkaround and Towing

The major problem with the v4.4 version and older is the VR walkaround uses a fixed view. Therefore, it was a nightmare to do the walkaround properly because moving your head around didn’t change you POV.

Starting with v4.5, this problem is gone by using a new kind of VR walkaround. The principle is still the same as before but the interaction in VR is now much improved, and you can freely move around the plane in VR!

REP provides a series of hotspots around the airplane useful to check the plane during the pre-flight, post-flight and lights-check checklists.
Start the walkaround using the simcoders/rep/walkaround/toggle command and then move from station to station using your VR controller. Make sure you bring the walkaround window with you while moving from a station to another.

To enable this new walkaround mode, make sure you check the “Use VR Walkaround and Towing” in REP’s settings.

A video is worth a thousand words. Sparker (one of REP’s beta testers) made a great video while beta-testing the new VR Walkaround. Check it out.

Full Changelog

  • New: improved VR support in walkaround and towing modes
  • All variable pitch propeller pistons: it is now possible to fix the propeller in the maintenance window
  • P28R: Improved the elevator authority
  • P28R: Fix: the engine oil pressure was too high
  • P28R Fix: the Com2/Nav2 power state not saving its state correctly
  • P28R: It is now possible to move the side menu vertically
  • All pistons Fix: the oil pump failure message was missing
  • All pistons Fix: excessive oil comsuption with a partially worn out cylinder
  • All pistons: The magnetos forced to “both” when starting the flight with engines running
  • The tiedowns and chocks removed when starting the flight with engines running
  • SF260 Fix: wrong HDG manipulator in the G1000 cockpit
  • SF260 Fix: in the military version, in some situations the tip trans pump did not switch off properly
  • SF260: Improved the “Fuel System” chapter of this user manual
  • SF260: Improved compatibility between GTX330 and GTN750 transponders
  • F33 XP11: Improved gear warning sound
  • All Bonanzas: Improved propeller thrust at low RPMs
  • Super Cub: Improved VR support thanks to Saar Nagar (snagar)
  • Super Cub Fix: the fuel selector was not set to a proper tank when the flight was started with engine running
  • PC12 and KODIAK: It’s not possible to begin the autostart procedure if the engine is already running
  • C172: Improved the fuel load rounding algorithm in the the Mass and Balance window
  • Fix: CTD when trying to connect to FSE
  • Fix: Typos in Maintenance Window
Update: REP v4.5.2
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