Last week we got in touch with Mike Catalfamo from ZeroSideSlip and his Covid-19-proofed remote flight training.

Mike is a real-world Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and a passionate simmer. With ZeroSideSlip he provides remote flight instruction with X-Plane and the Cessna 172SP with the Reality Expansion Pack.

The average time to get a private pilot certificate is 60-75 hours.  The FAA only requires 40 hours.  Can you finish at the minimum cost, while being trained to exceed the minimum standard?

Remote flight training with X-Plane can’t be a substitute for a real training airplane but it surely helps the trainee to learn the basic maneuvers and procedures at a fraction of the cost!

Check out ZeroSideSlip remote training at and discover more!

Get your remote flight instruction with ZeroSideSlip and REP
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