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Minor changes affect all packages but the big ones are related to the SF.260 and the Kodiak.

SF.260 improvements

Pitch stability

If we use a joystick with a large range of movement to “calibrate” the flight model, this will translate in a higher pitch/roll sensitivity on a hardware with a shorter range of movement.

It turned out that most users have a joystick with a smaller range of movement than the one we used to test the current flight model and so they experienced a pitch stability slightly lower than expected.

It took a little few more lines of code to solve this problem but now all systems should experience improved pitch stability after updating to this new version.

Fuel Pressure

The SF.260 can use two different engines:

  • Civilian version – Lycoming O-540-E4A5: carburated with normal fuel pressure between 4 and 5PSI
  • Military Version – Lycoming IO-540-E4A5: fuel-injected with normal fuel pressure around 25PSI

In previous REP versions, both engines used 25PSI fuel pressure. Now we fixed this accordingly to the POH.

The side effect is that the carburated version takes longer to empty the fuel collector (around 8 seconds) than the fuel-injected version (1 or 2 seconds) in case of fuel starvation.

Kodiak improvements

When enabling the Experimental Flight Model, the prop wash on the tail is excessive even at idle, causing the plane to veer off to the left during flare.

To solve this, the Ng at idle is reduced to match the POH (we raised it in a previous update to fix the high ITT issues) and the rudder authority is now much improved.

If you encounter ITT issues, beware of these notes:

ITT may run away. If so, keep the Ng up to provide more air to the engine. Possibily, keep the condition lever on fligh-tidle.

The inertial separator, the ignition, and all the loads on the generator play a role on the ITT when on ground-idle. You should keep an eye on the ITT and act on the loads accordingly, especially in hot weather.

Full Changelog

  • Fix: some window’s mouse clicks were not managed correctly in XP10
  • All Bonanzas Fix: some images where missing from the pdf checklists
  • Quest Kodiak: Improved the propeller and the ground effect behaviors
  • SF-260 Improved pitch stability with modern joysticks
  • SF-260 Fix: leaving the replay with gear up could cause a plane crash if replay was started on the ground
  • SF-260 Fix: the O-540 version showed the improper fuel pressure values
  • SF-260 Fix: checklists typo
  • SF-260 Fix: removed the carburetor air temperature gauge from the BAF version
  • PC-12 Fix: the O2 lever did not work as expected
Update: REP v4.4.6
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