An update of the Reality Expansion Pack is available for free on the store or using the SkunkCrafts Updater.

Full Changelog

  • SF260 Fix: the BAF version alternate engine air knob did not work properly
  • SF260 Fix: the fuel injectors state was not saved properly
  • SF260 BAF Version: added the aileron trim support
  • Added keyboard commands to control the EGT gauge reference needle
  • Bonanza F33A XP10 and XP11 Fix: in XP11 the trim up speed was excessive
  • PC-12 Fix: typo in final checklist
  • Kodiak Fix: the “Toggle Static Elements” menu option did not toggle the elevator locks properly
  • The in-flight tips window now resize correctly in VR
  • Optimizations for XP11.50
  • Some sounds (very few) were played using the wrong equalizers resulting in too high or too low volume in relation to their position in the cockpit

Update: REP v4.4.5
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