An update of the Reality Expansion Pack is available for free on the store or using the SkunkCrafts Updater.

In the next weeks, it’s very likely that we’ll publish v4.4.5 to address potential issues with Vulkan/Metal on the new XP11.50 currently beta.

Full Changelog

  • Fix: XP10 crash on reload
  • Fix: CTD on plugin disable
  • Carenado B58 XP-11: Improved flight dynamics
  • Kodiak, PC-12, and C210 Fix: The Oxygen System did not support the Economy System properly
  • PC-12: The Basic Empty Weight is raised to 6200lbs and the CG is moved aft accordingly to new data obtained
  • PC-12 and Kodiak Fix: engine total time reporting was incorrect
  • Kodiak Fix: Fuel panel did reset the Thranda W&B manager payload on apply
  • Kodiak Fix: the O2 system did not properly detect the passengers onboard
  • SF260 Fix: fuel selector did not work properly since v4.4.3
Update: REP 4.4.4
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