At SimCoders, we worked for months on a feasible solution to enjoy the walkaround and the towing mode in VR without removing the headset. Now we’re ready to public test it.

To access the beta, please follow these instructions.

Reworked VR walkaround and towing

In this new beta version, switching to walkaround or towing mode in VR will not lock the view anymore. To move to the proper cockpit stations, select the corresponding hotspot, or just move freely around the airplane.

Bill is a very active member of the X-Plane community and a REP beta tester. You may know him as Sparker on the forum and SparkerInVr on Twitch. His help has been very important in testing this improved feature during alpha testing. He showed the new VR walkaround while testing it on his Twitch channel.

This feature is still in beta. If you have any feedback feel free to report on the forum topic we made to this purpose.

Complete Changelog

  • New: improved VR support in walkaround and towing modes
  • New: it is now possible to fix the propeller in the maintenance window
  • SF260 Fix: wrong HDG manipulator in the G1000 cockpit
  • Bonanza F33 XP11: Improved gear warning sound
  • All Bonanzas: Improved propeller thrust at low RPMs
Public Beta: REP v4.5.0b1
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