In real life, when we’re flying we always relay on our checklists and on the reference data reported in the manual.
How can you do it with the Reality Expansion Pack? Well..just use the kneeboard it provides!
It contains both the normal and the emergency checklists as well as a complete list of reference data for your cruise.
You can also command it using custom commands or mouse gestures to show and hide it.

Here are some screenshots.
Normal Operations checklists
Cruise performance tables

The checklists are based on the real manual and on the “real life” experience. That is, actually sometimes I had to slightly modify the checklists provided by the manufacturers for some specific reasons. For example, the old checklists written in the ’70s and ’80s do not take into account the new safety requirements for our flight.
The same we did for REP!

REP: Always use the checklists!
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