We are at the final steps and I wanted to make what a last video before the final rush to the stable release.
At the beginning of this video you may notice the attitude indicators animations and the stunning wind sounds.
I’ve used the W&B tool to load the plane before startup.
Also, please pay attention to the takeoff and climb out: when the gear is being retracted, the drag induced by the wheels rotating of 90° is preventing the plane to speed up to the Vy. As soon as the gear is retracted, the Centurion goes up like a rocket.
At landing you will hear the stereo touch down sounds based on the touch down speed. Also, every wheel is playing its own sound. This really means that every landing is different from every other.
At the end of the landing run, if you listen carefully, you will also hear the brakes whining noise.

That said…enjoy!

A new video teaser of REP
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