Carenado released a new Baron B58 made for X-Plane 11 to replace the one for XP10 (which was years old).

Now, a new Reality Expansion Pack is ready for it. It comes with all the features that made REP what it is now. Economic System included.

The package is available at the Store at the usual price of 19.99$.

If you bought REP for the older B58 or for Laminar’s B58 from the Store, you get a 40% discount for this new package. 🙂 You find the discount coupon in your personal area on the store, near the license of the old REP for the Baron. (Promotion Ended)

Of course, the older package is not on sale anymore but it will be continuously updated as long as feasible, like all the other packages not on sale anymore. So, if you own the old package for the Xp10 Carenado Baron, don’t worry, we’re not dropping support.

Improved C172 flight dynamics, again

As a side note, today we released a little C172 update (v4.1.1) that improves the flaps pitch moment.

This should be the latest flight dynamics improvements to the C172SP. The flight model is now almost perfect! 🙂

Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado B58 XP11 now available
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