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Cessna 210 XP11 Pulse Lights

Do you know what pulse lights are? Check the video below!

Pulse lights (or wig-wags) make the plane more visible and reduce the chance of a bird strike.

In REP, these are just a cosmetic thing but they make your plane look great!

To activate them, go to the Maintenance Report of the Carenado C210 for X-Plane 11 (the older model does not get the new lights). Once they are active, turn on both the landing and taxi lights. They will start to pulse.

To get a steady light, just switch on either the landing or the taxi light, while keeping the other light off.

Carenado Baron B58 improvements

The flaps pitch moment is now more realistic.

The TOGA button on the throttles will set the F/D to a 7° pitch up and disable the autopilot.

Minor fixes

  • The Cessna 172SP EGT indicator now works as expected and engine indicators now use custom datarefs again, after Laminar updated the cockpit’s OBJ files.
  • The Cessna 210 for X-Plane 11 has got improved engine indicators (with vibrations and more realistic needle animations in general)

05/06/2019 Update: The Cessna C172 is pushed to v4.1.3 to fix a small glitch of the G1000 standby altimeter.

Update: Reality Expansion Pack 4.1.2
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