I’ve been away during May so my work on REP has been delayed a little bit. I was able to publish maintenance updates tho (from v4.1.2 to 4.1.7), but I didn’t advertise them on the blog.

Now that everything is going back to “normal operations”, v4.1.8 is available and here we go with a full changelog since v4.1.2.

Remember that this update is free for all the users. You can get it from the X-Plane.org store or using the SkunkCrafts Updater plugin.


Despite being 6 updates collapsed into a single changelog, the number of changes is really small.

  • New: it is now possible to set the wind sound volume in REP’s settings window
  • Cessna 172: The G1000 standby altimeter always showed zero
  • Carenado C210 XP11 Fix: Pulselights did not save their state properly
  • Carenado C210 XP11 Fix: The loadmeter showed the generator amps instead of battery’s
  • Carenado B58: reduced fuel tanks capacity to 84USG each
  • Minor FSEconomy networking fix

Update: Reality Expansion Pack v4.1.8
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