The last versions of the Reality Expansion Pack aimed to make the package independent from internal X‑Plane dynamics.
REP 3.4 goes even further and let us port the package we made for Carenado’s B58 to Laminar’s Baron.
This new package demonstrates how we can port REP’s code from a plane to another, having the chance to easily manage both of them for future updates.

What?? Another REP for a default airplane?

Yep. There are tons of aircrafts out there that would be a good target for REP and we’re not ignoring them. This package is a technology demonstrator for both us and the users. In fact, bringing REP to default airplanes is a good way to achieve more goals:

  1. Provide a relatively cheap REP to all X-Plane users. No need to buy a third party aircraft to enjoy our package!
  2. Speed up the development of REP’s core while our partners create new 3D models for future airplanes.

Point 2 is important when we think about future developments. It means that when the new (mainly in-house built) aircrafts will be available, they are powered by a reliable REP core strongly beta-tested by us and weathered by the end users as well.

For example, do you remember the Super Cub powered by the Continental Titan™ X? Well, the real world Titan™ is nothing more than a slightly modified Lycoming IO-360. That’s the same engine we distributed months before with REP for the default Cessna 172. 😉

Features of REP for Laminar B58 Baron

Reality Expansion Pack windows with Laminar default B58 Baron

This package comes with all the features you already know:

  • 100% custom Continental IO-550-C engine model: itcompletely overrides internal X-Planee dynamics, giving the most advanced piston engine simulation on the market.
  • Custom flight dynamics: REP flight dynamics are well known. Our customers are aware of their precision. You can fly this package using the real Baron Flight Manual and you won’t be disappointed at all.
  • Proprietary 3D sounds: FMOD is not enough. We used our own 3D sounds system.
  • Custom failure and maintenance system: the plane reacts to your actions. You may damage it if you don’t manage it correctly.
  • State saving: all the switches and levers are restored to their position once you load the aircraft again. The same applies to engine’s temperatures, keeping track of the elapsed time and updating temperatures as well. When applied to the failure system stated above, this means that your actions today may trigger a failure tomorrow.
  • Walkaround and ground checks: check your airplane before takeoff and then tie it down after landing.
  • Integrated virtual kneeboard: this custom kneeboard let you do your checks basing on real world operating manual data.
  • Custom Weight & Balance system: to reflect the real world Baron dynamics.
  • Proprietary towing system: You can tow the airplane on ground using your joystick.
  • …and much much more:

Reality Expansion Pack 3.4 and VR Support

This package comes with REP 3.4. The main features of this new version are:

  • Greatly improved engine model: as usual, this new release improves the most complex part of our package basing on more data and knowledge arised in the last months. This aspect will be covered in more detail once REP 3.4 is released for all the other airplanes as well.
  • Experimental VR support: this targets those users who already use VR with the current XP10.20 betas. New VR windows are added to let you fly without having to remove your VR headset. Beware, it’s still experimental and may even crash, scare the hell out of your cat or run away stealing goods from your refrigerator!

Discount for current Baron REP users

The current owners of REP for Carenado’s B58 Baron from Store will automatically receive a 60% discount in case they want to buy this new package. There is no time limit to this offer.

What about other existing REPs?

First of all, this new package won’t replace REP for Carenado’s Baron. Both B58s will continuosly get updates as usual.
REP 3.4 will be a free update for all other REPs.

It might be that REP 3.4.0 needs some little fixes at the end of the first week after the initial release. In this case the other aircrafts will get an update once REP 3.4.1 is ready.

Reality Expansion Pack for Laminar Baron B58
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