This is a small maintenance release that fixes the issues arised after v3.3.0. It is available for free to current users.

To get it, just download the package again from the store.

Here is the changelog:

  • F33A,V35, B58, C210: fixed the power output in XP10
  • C210: improved torque effect at full power
  • F33, V35, B58: Fixed the spoolup behavior
  • All aircrafts: CHT and Oil Temp are not reduced on load if the last state saving was made in flight
  • All aircrafts: fixed the walkaround window not displaying its content after being dragged by the user
  • B58: Fixed the EGT curve that showed two peaks very close to each other
  • B58: Fixed the LOP power curve. The engine provided too much power when LOP
  • F33, V35, C210: Fixed the EGT curve when aggressively LOP
  • All aircrafts: the engine monitor continued to show messages after being disabled
  • Minor fixes
Update: Reality Expansion Pack 3.3.1 is available
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