After months of work, the Reality Expansion Pack for X-Plane 12 Cirrus SR22 is here!

As usual, this Reality Expansion Pack is available on the store at the price of 19.99$.

This plane is the perfect fit between the already released REP for X-Plane 12: the Cessna 172SP and the Beechcraft Baron 58:

  • High performance single engine
  • Five-seater
  • Fully IFR G1000 equipment
  • Oxygen System


Continental TN/IO-550-N Engine

Just like the other pistons REPs, this plane features a highly complex engine model. It goes much deeper that the default X-Plane one. This engine model is totally custom and replaces the default. Using our custom C++ code in place of Laminar’s lets us take full control of the engine behavior, adding features like:

  • Switch between normally-aspirated IO-550-N or turbo-normalized TNIO-550-N
  • Precise power curve matching real world data
  • Realistic power lever control: it automatically controls both RPM and Manifold Pressure
  • Customized fuel pumps and fuel filter
  • Realistic Oil System affected
  • Interchageable oil type, affecting oil temperature and pressure
  • Spark plugs fouling
  • Interchangeable spark plugs type
  • Working engine preheater
  • Custom continuous flow injection system simulation
  • Interchangeable fuel injectors
  • Custom system failures
  • Realistic startup procedures
  • Automatic startup option for a quick start
TKS anti-ice system

Thanks to the new X-Plane 12 ice model and TKS system, REP can now better simulate the icing behavior and how the TKS fluid is used.

The TKS fluid quantity is saved in the plane status files. That means that you need to refill the TKS in between flights.

Maintenance Report

It shows the status of all the airplane systems, from the engines, to the landing gear and tires, to the O2 system. Using the report, you can fix, pimp or replace the systems that need maintenance.

The maintenance module goes in depth inside each system. Reading the user manual is really important. About the manual, you find it here if you want to get a glimpse of the plane.

Economy System

If you want a more realistic experience, you can enable REP’s custom economy system. It rewards you with virtual money after each flight. You can use the virtual money to repair the plane and buy fuel at realistic prices around the world.

You can even couple the Economy System with FSEconomy of X-CPL-Pilot!

And there’s a lot more!

Check out the product page to see a comprehensive list of features. They go from the VR support, to the interactive pre/post flight checks, the custom towing system and more.

The Cirrus SR22 REP rolls out
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