With X-Plane 12 coming, at SimCoders we have been working on a lot of stuff lately.

First things first, we’re making sure that REP is ready for X-Plane 12 as soon as possible. To do so, there’s one important thing that we must work out.

The Experimental Flight Model

In the current v4.6 beta, we got our hands dirty with some flight dynamics upgrades for ALL the REPs out there.

As you know, the Experimental Flight Model (EFM) has been around for a while since X-Plane 11.40 and it will be the only flight model available in X-Plane 12.

Reality Expansion Pack - DR.400

Until REP v4.5 only a few planes supported the EFM, the C172SP being among the firsts. Starting from version 4.6, REP on X-Plane 11.40+ will always enable the EFM on all the planes. This will ensure a smooth transition to X-Plane 12 once it is out as stable release, and you will still be able to enjoy the current REPs with no “service interruption”.

We also improved the flight dynamics of the older REPs based on feedback collected over the years. This includes the Carenado F33, V35, Baron and C210 among the others.

Moreover, this is a nice way to make those old (but gold) Carenados compatible with the new sim!

You can freely checkout the latest v4.6 beta following the instructions in this FAQ: https://www.simcoders.com/faqs/how-to-switch-to-rep-beta-version/

REP for Carenado Piper Navajo Preview

We’re also working on REP for the Piper Navajo as stated months ago on the X-Plane.org forum. The package is in the making and it’s looking good. Of course, it will be compatible with X-Plane 11 as well as 12!

The Navajo will feature all the usual REP improvements and a couple of powerful Lycoming TSIO-540-A2C that surely need to be taken care of the usual REP way.

REP v4.6 Beta, X-Plane 12 and Navajo Preview
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