This morning we released two small updates for the Kodiak and the C172.

The updates are free and can be downloaded from the store or using the SkunkCrafts Updater.


The Kodiak goes up to v4.4.1. Here’s the changelog

  • Fix: the inertial separator switch did not work properly
  • Fix: the pressurization system was still shown as an item in the maintenance window
  • Fix: improved the oxygen system implementation

Cessna 172

The default C172 gets a minor compatibility improvement in order to work properly with the new Garmin G5 mod available here.

Why a version discrepancy between the different packages?

REP v4.4 is the REP version currently in use with the Kodiak only. It contains all the code that goes into that plane as well as a lot of changes under the hood.

The changes’ goal is to improve REP’s compatibility with the incoming Vulkan support in X-Plane and also to improve the portability of the code between various systems.

These changes are tested now withing the Kodiak (and it seems they are working very well!) and then, once we feel comfortable enough, they will hit all the other REPs.

Update: Kodiak v4.4.1 and C172 v4.3.6
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