Following the release of v4.0.0, v4.0.1 aims to fix those small issues arisen in the last few days.

v4.0.1 is currently available through the SkunkCrafst Updater only but the plan is to provide it to the store ASAP and the Store.

Cessna 172 Flight Model Improvements

The Reality Expansion Pack for the Cessna 172 is SimCoders’ jam so we want to be sure it behaves as expected.

After the release of XP11.30, some users started experiencing unexpected flight dynamics with the C172.

This update shall bring the C172 on XP11.30 to the state of art it was in XP11.26.

The real Cessna 172 feels almost like a glider if compared to a Piper 28. It does not want to lose speed or altitude not nearly as easy as the PA28, and it tends to float on the runway as well.

UI Fixes

The introduction of the Economy System required some large changes under the UI’s hood. That means that some bugs were to be expected.

We addressed the click bugs reported on the forum such herehere and here.

Something more yet to come

There are some other small bugs we need to address in the next few days and also some small UI improvements. Stay tuned!

REP 4.0.1 is ready
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