Dynamic ground roll sounds for everyone

The C172SP introduced the Dynamic Ground Roll Sounds. With v3.1.1 this new feature is made freely available to all the other Reality Expansion Packs.

If you don’t know what Dynamic Ground Roll Sounds are, look the video below. Those are sounds calculated basing on the current speed, position and gear forces of the aircraft.

Cool stuff for the Cessna 172

Custom stall warning sound

Default Cessna 172 comes with the wrong stall horn. Therefore, we replaced that with a custom pneumatic stall warning that resembles the real C172 stall horn sound.

Custom gyro drift

Default C172 does not simulate gyro drift. As a result, navigation was not realistic. Now, the directional gyro drifts basing on your speed and position.

V3.1.1 Complete Changelog

  • C172: Gyro drift
  • C172: Custom stall warning
  • C172: better wind sounds
  • C172: alternator set to 28V, battery to 24
  • C172: Davtron voltmeter reports the bus volts instead of the battery volts
  • C172: the engine is less likely to flood
  • C172: the automatic engine start did non stop if the fuel tanks were empty
  • C172: if the user turns the fuel pump on when the engine is running the package shows a tip
  • C172: checklists/manual typos
  • C172: more realistic fuel pump fuel flow
  • C172: improved cross wind behavior
  • C172: new xsaitekpanels.ini file that works with both avionics bus switches
  • C172 and C210: improved spring loaded steering wheel basing on some more data
  • C172: Checklist improvements
  • C172: Stall warning horn fixes
  • C172 and C210: Support for the front wheel steering tiller
  • All aircrafts: better flooded engine message
  • All aircrafts: the automatic startup procedure now checks for tie-down and chocks
  • All aircrafts: fixed the label colors in some walkaround views
  • All aircrafts (for XP11 only): the wind sound volume is controlled by the environment sounds volume (Tim, you reported a wind sound volume issue, maybe this should fix it)
  • All aircrafts: you can now completely hide the lateral menu (see the plugin settings window)
  • All aircrafts: fixed a typo in the low oil temperature tips
  • All aircrafts: better compatibility with the “Start with engine running” setting
  • All aircrafts: wheel braking coefficient fine tuning at low speeds

How to update

This update is free for all the current Reality Expansion Pack users. To get it, just download the package again from the store and proceed with the update procedure as shown in the package manual.

Reality Expansion Pack 3.1.1 made available
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