HeadShake was our first project and it is our “little creature”. First released more than 2 years ago, it was the first widely used camera plugin for X-Plane.

At the moment HS simulates the engine vibrations, the g-force effects, the ground bumps and some other nifty things.
Still, there are a lot of new features that we would like to see in it, such a full Track IR support.

It’s time for an improvement! Definitively. But the entire team is so busy working on REP and the new projects that HeadShake had fallen behind the schedule.

To improve the plugin we need help from the community. And we will reward the community for the good help.
Therefore, HeadShake is now open source and everybody can contribute to its code.

The goals

Improving HeadShake is not the only reason for which we started this open source project. The ultimate goal is to get in touch with other devs from the X-Plane community. Once a stable collaboration is set up, it will be possible to start new projects! Therefore, who knows where this kind of stuff is gonna lead us?

The nerdy stuff

HeadShake source code is hosted on GitHub. It is released under the GNU/GPL v3.0 license.

If you want to contribute you can:

  1. Keep one of the issues listed in the issues section of the repository
  2. Implement a new feature that you think is a nice improvement to HS

Most important, if your pull request is successfully accepted we will grant you a copy of a REP package of your choice! 😉

So, nerdy X-Plane pilots, what are you waiting for?

HeadShake goes open source
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