Our beta testers are actually REP‘s experimental pilots. Some of them are real life Cessna/Beechcraft pilots, others are engineers or just sim enthusiasts.

Life as a beta tester is not easy as it may seem. You have to test every system and the entire flight envelope, providing reports and suggestions. Maybe the hardest thing is to convince the devs that their code “may” be buggy. 🙂

Now you can follow them on Twitch TV and see the Beech Baron taking shape.

John Navara (aka BonanzaDude) is a real life pilot with a lot of experience flying the Bonanza. He’s with us since the work on the V35B started months ago. Here’s his channel: http://www.twitch.tv/BonanzaDude

Alan Shafto (aka aerosimgaming) joined us recently to test the Baron. He’s well known in the sim world and in his video there’s plenty of data about the aircraft. Here’s his channel: https://www.twitch.tv/aerosimgaming/videos/all

Follow their channels and discover what the incoming Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado’s Beechcraft Baron will bring to X-Plane 10/11.



Follow the Baron beta test on Twitch