The past weeks had been marked by the Cosford Flight Sim 2016 conference and the presentation of X-Plane 11.
Since then, many users asked if the Reality Expansion Pack will work with the new version of the sim.

First things first

We cannot make a test on the new sim at this very moment but I can ensure three things:

  1. If necessary, we will upgrade the The Reality Expansion Pack for all the current planes to work on X-Plane 11 as soon as possible
  2. The Reality Expansion Pack will still work with X-Plane 10
  3. You won’t need to buy a new licence in case you want to switch to the newer X-Plane

That said, I think that the current release will work flawlessy on X-Plane 11.00. The plugins SDK won’t change that much and we always worked with the latest technology available, that is, we never used deprecated features of X-Plane.

Will REP use the new X-Plane 11 features?

We will start looking into that as soon as a tech preview of the latest X-Plane is released. Sure thing is we will upgrade REP with the new features as soon as possible.

At the moment, the Baron is still under test and we are working on some neat things that will be released with it. Maybe it’s a good occasion to make some experiments on a newly released sim! 🙂

Looking forward to X-Plane 11