Almost a year has passed since the release of REP v1.0.0 and things get better every day on X-Plane’s front. ūüôā

As usual, we work on new features and fixes and then release some upgrades between a package and another.
Here’s version 2.5.0 that brings some new stuff:

  1. New РThe propeller torque effect has been corrected at low speeds (Bonanza F33A and V35B)
  2. New –¬†Improved CHT and Oil Temperature algorithm
    • More realistic behavior during climb and descent
    • More realistic thermal inertia
  3. New –¬†Turbo-related oil temperature tips (C210 only)
  4. New –¬†Improved hypoxia effect & algorithm
    • The more you climb, the faster hypoxia takes over you
    • You can cruise up to 14.000 feet without sympthoms
  5. New –¬†Improved external sounds (C210 only)
  6. New –¬†Improved wind sounds
  7. New –¬†Fuel & Oil check in walkaround mode
  8. New –¬†New landing gear tips (C210 only)
  9. Minor Fixes that address bugs reported by users

This new version is available on the stores. If you’re currently a REP pilot, you get this upgrade for free by downloading the package again from the store.

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The Reality Expansion Pack version 2.5.0 has been released
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