If you fly the Cessna Centurion equipped with the Reality Expansion Pack, you know that there’s an in-flight tip that says: “Avoid to operate the gear while turning or you may damage the gear doors. Keep the airplane straight and coordinated while lowering the landing gear”.

All the Centurions up to version M are quipped with gear doors that are meant to cover every single part of the landing gear when it’s retracted. The reason for this is speed. The side effect is that the gear doors are operated by a complex and delicate system.

REP warns you so because the side wind caused by an uncoordinated turn may bend the gear doors while the gear is operating. The results? Just take a look to the video.

Remember: Always operate the Centurion landing gear keeping the speed in the white arc and the airplane straight.

In later models (such N and R) the gear doors where removed, sacrificing few knots of speed for safety. Even older models where modified with the “gear doors removal mod”.

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Cessna 210: don’t lower the gear while turning
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