This update is freely available for current customers via the SkunkCrafts Updater or by downloading the full package from the store.

This is a major update that improves all the REP packages.

Full Changelog

  • C210 XP11: Improved rudder authority at high speed
  • C210 XP11: Improved pitch trim authority
  • F33 XP11 Fix: pitch trim speed
  • C172SP: Improved spin behavior
  • Improved OpenAL errors log
  • Improved braking system compatibility with hardware toe pedals
  • Improved static elements compatibility with third-parties addons
  • Navajo Fix: the cowl flaps didn’t affect the engine temperatures as expected
  • Default B58 Improvement: better flaps coefficients
  • Navajo: Improved oil pressure behavior
  • Navajo: Improved oversquare limitations
  • Improvement: MAP behavior at low RPM
  • Navajo Fix: Missing copilot instruments in the maintenance report
  • Navajo Fix: The fuel selectors did not select the proper fuel tanks in certain configurations
  • Navajo Fix: The fuel crossfeed may not work as expected
  • Navajo Fix: The Oxygen System could not prevent hypoxia
  • Beaver Fix: the starter did not disengage correctly
  • PC12 Fix: the model name depicted in the maintenance report was incorrect
  • PC12 Fix: the serial number depicted in the maintenance report may be off
  • V35 Fix: excessive P-Factor
  • V35 Fix: Right tip tank may not show the correct fuel color
Update: Reality Expansion Pack v4.6.5
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