This update is freely available for current customers via the SkunkCrafts Updater or by downloading the full package from the store.

Full changelog

  • A cancel window is shown before beginning the engine autostart procedure
  • Fix: the instrument wear could not save its state properly on some systems
  • P28R & T Fix: it was not possible to set the transponder to ON/ALT when using the honeycomb hardware
  • P28R & T Fix: the emergency landing gear extension did not work properly after the last JF basemodel update
  • Beaver: Improved the fuel flow behavior at altitude
  • PC-12 Fix: the propeller could go in overspeed under certain power conditions
  • PC-12: The HSI map line is now disabled to match real world avionics behavior
  • PC-12: TO/GA Pitch Up set to 7.5 degrees
  • C172: Added the on and off commands for the fuel shutoff valve
Update: Reality Expansion Pack v4.5.10
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