Following beta2, a new update is available to those of you that fly the beta version of the Reality Expansion Pack. You can easily get it using the Skunkcrafts Updater Plugin.


Public beta 3

  • C172 The prop P-Factor has been improved
  • C172 Improved the negative torque model
  • C172 Fix: improved the flaps dynamics on 11.40+
  • SF260 Improved mixture system behavior
  • SF260 Fix: The GTX330 was always loaded switched on even when it was switched off during pervious session

Private beta/pubic beta 2

  • PA-18: New 150HP version with smaller tundra wheels
  • PA-18: The indicated fuel level depends on the aircraft pitch giving a meaning to the “Three points attitude” and “Level flight” scales on the fuel quantity indicators
  • PA-18: Improved flight dynamics to experimentally support…X-Plane’s Experimental Flight Model
  • PA-18: Introduced the Engine Monitor
  • PA-18: More realistic empty weight
  • PA-18 Fix: the oil pressure and temperature indicators did not work as expected
  • PA-18 Fix: the position of the magnetos switch was not saved between sessions
  • PA-18 Fix: the fuel selector position was not saved between sessions
  • PA-18 Fix: the 180HP version did not map the mixture axis to the proper dataref
  • PA-18 Fix: adding the cargo pod did not add extra empty weight
  • PA-18 Fix: both the fuel quantity indicators reported the right-tank fuel quantity
  • C172: Added the engine monitor
  • C172: Improved the power curve in the 1500-2000 RPM range
  • C172: The prop P-Factor has been improved
  • C172 Fix: the elevator authority was excessive during the ground roll at very low speed
  • C172 Fix: a change in XP11.35+ made the steering system unusable
  • C172 Fix: improved the stall horn behavior on 11.35+
  • C172 Fix: improved the stall behavior on 11.40+
  • Carenado B58 XP10: Improved the flaps pitch moment
  • PC-12: Introduced the Pilot Emergency O2 System
  • PC-12: Improved ITT evolution on plane loading (the ITT is restored from the previous flight, taking into accout the elapsed time)
  • Engine Monitor shows CHT and Oil Temperature
  • Fix: The preheater did not work properly
  • Fix: The Economy System status could be loaded only partially in some situations
Public Beta: REP 4.3.0b3
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