A new update of the Reality Expansion Pack is now available. It applies to all available aircraft except the Super Cub that will be improved in v4.3.

The update is free, therefore you can download this update using the SkunkCrafts Updater or by downloading the full package again from the store.


  • All Aircrafts Fix: solved some windows positioning issues
  • All Aircrafts Fix: in XP10 REP did not recognize opening a window as a paused sim state
  • SF-260 Fix: the KFC225 autopilot did not provide pitch angle control via the up and down buttons in pitch mode
  • PC-12: Fix: the pressurization system broke too easily
  • PC-12: Fix: the fuel color was wrong during ground checks
  • PC-12: Fix: some engine components were not worn out using the “Wear to…” menu option
  • PC-12: The standalone economy system rewards were too low for this kind of aircraft
  • PC-12: Improved checklists
  • PC-12: The ECS Switch position is now saved and restored between session
  • PC-12: Improved oil pressure behavior
  • PC-12: Improved battery behavior
  • C172 Fix: in the bush version, the EGT reference needle knob didn’t work
  • C172 Fix: hobbs and tach times instruments in cockpit reported the same time
  • C172: Improved startup behavior
  • All Aircrafts: Improved startup behavior
Update: REP v4.2.3
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