As announced yesterday on SimDude’s stream, a new Reality Expansion Pack is now available for Carenado Pilatus PC-12.

The Carenado Pilatus PC-12 got a big pimp with this new package. Moreover, this is the first turboprop that gets the REP treatment.

Main Highlights

In this REP you find all the features you are now accustomed to:

  • Outstanding flight dynamics
  • Extra sounds
  • Extra 3D Objects
  • Interactive Walkaround
  • Custom kneeboard
  • Custom Mass and Balance
  • Custom towing system
  • Custom maintenance and damages system

But there are two areas where you should focus more. The new PT6 engine (the first REP turbine) and the Economic System.


Custom PT-6 turbine model

The Pratt & Witney Canada PT-6 is a very popular turbine used on a wide range of airplanes and helicopters.

REP uses the new X-Plane free turbine model introduced with XP11 and enhances it further with custom code. This provides a strong base over which new custom features have been built, such as:

  • Secondary fuel flow behavior (check the two ITT spikes during startup!)
  • Realistic lag
  • Custom ITT evolution
  • Custom throttle dynamics (on ground idle, the first 30% of throttle directly controls the propeller pitch and does not increase NG at all)
  • Custom propeller governor recreating all supported prop modes, electric auto-feather included
  • Custom hot-start behavior (and damages)

Economic System and the PC-12

Now you can enjoy the PC-12 and REP’s custom Economic System together. The Economic System is compatible with FSEconomy as well so you can now use the PC-12 with REP to haul cargo or people on FSE!

Release: Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado Pilatus PC-12
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