The Reality Expansion Pack has been updated to v4.2.1 for all the Beechcraft B58 Baron (Carenado XP10, Carenado XP11, and Laminar).

This update fixes two things:

  • After updating the fuel system model, the IO-550C fuel flow was too low thus causing very high EGTs. We had to “turn the screw” a little more and let more fuel reach the engine.
  • The Laminar B58 Baron has a bug in its CHT indicators so we had to work around it and make them read the proper values, again.

You get this update for free by either downloading the package from the store or using the Skunkcrafts Updater.

PS: tonite John Navara will preview the new REP coming tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

Update: REP 4.2.1 for the Barons