The Reality Expansion Pack v3.5.9 has been released today. This version is available through the automatic updates only.

This version focuses on the SF.260. There are three main new features.

Right Seat Cockpit

From the maintenance report you can switch from the left-seat to the right-seat cockpit. Feels military!

RealityXP GTN650 Support

Javier added the GTN650 support. Therefore you can now switch the avionics layout between:

  1. No GPS
  2. Default GNS430
  3. RealityXP GTN650

Printable Short Checklist

The SF.260 package now includes a new PDF with the short checklists and some references. It’s meant to be printed on a double sided A5 paper.

Here you can download the file.

Full Changelog

  1. The Hypoxia warning is shown only when the TUC is lower than 20 minutes
  2. The Cowl Flaps now better react to the joystick levers
  3. SF260 New: Right seat cokpit layout
  4. SF260 New: Support for RealityXP GTN650
  5. SF260 New: Printable short checklists included in the package
  6. SF260 Improved engine sounds
  7. SF260 Improved carburetor icing behavior
  8. SF260 Improved canopy “open/close a bit” commands behavior
  9. SF260 Fix: the KX165A Nav Com 1 prevented the GNS430 to startup properly
  10. SF260 Fix: the GTX330 Transponder did not properly switch to GND mode after landing
  11. Minor Fixes
REP 3.5.9: GTN650 for the SF.260D
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