New update available for all the Reality Expansion Packs. It’s free for all the current users. You find the new update at the X-Plane store .

Automatic updates

REP now features automatic updates! They will come via the SkunkCrafts Updater plugin.

Beware! You still need to download and install v3.4.6 from the store. However, future versions will come through automatic updates.

Our goal is to provide major versions using both downloadable packages from the store as well as automatic updates. Minor versions will be distributed using the automatic updates only.

Automatic updates are not enabled by default. Please read REP’s user manual to find out how to enable them.

To all the Super Cub pilots out there!

Your airplane gets the automatic updates as well. That is, no more waiting for ASDG to update the packages. See here how to activate the automatic updates for the Super Cub.

Improved User Manuals

Manuals improved again basing on users feedbacks. Now they contain:

  • A clearer set of installation instructions
  • A list of datarefs you can use in your home cockpit
  • More informations about the VR usage

Full Changelog

  • New: Automatic updates via SkunkCrafts Updater plugin
  • New: REP is now compatible with the Differential and progressive brakes for X-Plane 11 plugin
  • Improved documentation
  • Improved gyros spin-down behavior
  • Cessna 172SP and Super Cub: The CHT and Oil Temperature now rise faster in warm weather conditions
  • Cessna 172SP and Baron B58 (Laminar): Improved ground steering
  • Cessna 172SP: Improved ground effect
  • Fix: (Cessna 172SP) Corrected the stall warning sound during flare
  • Fix: (Cessna 172SP) the automatic engine start procedure selected the wrong fuel tank
  • Fix: (Carenado B58) the attitude indicator works as expected when the left engine fails
  • Fix: (Carenado B58) the vacuum indicator could not report the proper values
  • Fix: (Carenado and Laminar B58 ) partial fix for a nasty spinning airplane bug
  • Fix: Failures and damages are not triggered anymore while in replay mode
  • Fix: (Carenados) The static elements where not re-enabled after landing
  • Fix: The oil pressure needle could not be visibile if the airplane was loaded with the engines running
  • Minor improvements
Reality Expansion Pack v3.4.6
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