New update is available for all the Reality Expansion Packs. It’s free for current users. Go grab it at the X-Plane store .

New Manuals

The major improvement of this release is the new User Manuals. In fact, we revised them to

  1. Use a better document structure
  2. Provide clear installation instructions
  3. Give information about the onboard systems and how to use them

Here you can give a quick look at the manuals. You also find them in the package.

Small improvements here and there

Among other small things, this update improves the static elements management. That is, they can now be toggled all together using a menu entry as well as a custom command: simcoders/rep/walkaround/static_elements/toggle

It is now possible to fix all the onboard systems using a single command: simcoders/rep/systems/fix_all

The hypoxia at low levels now takes much more time to take effect. You can find a small table with the time it takes to take effect in the user manual.

Last thing, the installer has been improved to be compatible with – virtually – all the mods for the default aircrafts you find around the web. That is, REP is natively compatible with all of them. Even with those not published yet.

Full Changelog

  • New: It is possible to manage the static elements from the plugins menu
  • New: Command to toggle the static elements
  • New: Command to fix all systems
  • New: REP correctly recognizes the engine failures triggered by X-Plane
  • Fix: Cessna Centurion – The engine did not reach 2700RPM during a static run up
  • Fix: Cessna 172 – The gyros were stuck when the engine was switched off
  • Fix: Cessna 172 – Improved the stall behavior in XP11.20+
  • Fix: Baron 58 – The red box tip was shown too early during LOP operations
  • Fix: In the latest X-Plane versions the in-flight tip messages may have been not shown correctly
  • Fix: Some entries in the tech report were not clickable
  • Fix: Minor typos in kneeboard
  • The installer has been improved to work with all the airplane mods available over the Internet
  • More realistic hypoxia effect at lower altitudes
  • Improved documentation
Reality Expansion Pack v3.4.5
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