X-Plane 11.10 including a C172 G1000 has just been released and here we are with REP 3.2 that supports it.
Let’s see what’s new.

Compatible with default Cessna C172 + G1000

REP now fully supports the default Cessna 172 with Garmin G1000 avionics.

New 3D sounds

We decided to further develop our custom sound engine instead of switching to FMOD.

I know how it sounds. Why are SimCoders.com are going custom while all other devs are jumping on FMOD??
Well, that’ because – although FMOD is good – it’s too slow and complicated to develop when you already have a good sound engine perfectly integrated with your plugin. So we decided to go a step further and add new features to our sound engine.

Now in REP you get all the things that FMOD provide plus a very tight and fast integration with the software. Moreover, it works in X-Plane 10 too!
The sounds effects are now more astonishing than ever. The touchdown sounds are incredible and you hear a stronger windflow over the windshield if you move further forward against the instruments panel! And how cute the strobe sounds are? 🙂

From my personal point of view, this is way better than FMOD because it can be developed even more to provide tons of effects and it’s really quick to work on it. This is a good thing especially now that we’re developing our in-house built airplanes.

Post-flight walkaround and lights check

I’m sure many users will love to see the improved walkaround. Now, when you finish your flight, you can rapidly cover the pitot, attach the tie-downs and put the chocks in place using the post-flight walkaround.

Moreover, if you’re going to fly at night and/or in IMC, you can cehck your lights before flight!

Complete changelog

This is the complete changelog for REP 3.2.

  • 3D sounds
  • Advanced gyro wander
  • You can now check the pitot probe temperature during walkaround
  • Postflight walkaround
  • Lights check during walkaround
  • More informations about the cylinders status
  • The plugins stores the hobbs hours
  • Improved steering algorithm
  • Better startup sounds
  • The cylinders overhaul could not work as expected
  • Vertical acceleration affects the gear failures: more realistic sloped runway landings.
  • Fix a bug that may caused the engine to not fail when it should have
  • C172: Upgraded fuel pump flow behavior
  • C172: Fixed the RPM surge when the fuel pump is on
  • C172: New stall warning sound
  • C210: Pneumatic Main Attitude Indicator/Electrical Standby Attitude Indicator
  • C210: Fine tuned CHT temperatures when running LOP
  • Minor fixes and improvements
Reality Expansion Pack 3.2: 3D sounds and more!
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