After upgrading HeadShake, it’s now time to update the Reality Expansion Pack.
This new version works on two different fronts, fix minor issues and improve the flight dynamics on both XP11 and XP10.

This update is free for the current users and affects all the REPped airplanes. Just download the package from the store again to get the latest available version. Then, follow the manual’s instructions to update.

Flight Dynamics Improvements

You will notice an improvement in the flight dynamics of the Baron 58. They are now much more precise and very close to the performance tables on both XP10 and XP11. This is due to a more precise engine power output calculation than before.

The Cessna Centurion torque is now much improved in X-Plane 11. The annoying roll experienced with older versions is now gone.


Version 2.6.4 fixes some minor troubles in the user interface reported after releasing v2.6.3. Also, the propeller lever of the V35B does not move past the lower limit.
This package does not include the gear doors animations fix as we are still waiting for Laminar to take a decision whether to fix this problem in X-Plane or not

What’s next?

We’re looking closely to each beta release of X-Plane 11. This update is a first step to perfectly match REP with the new sim and more updates will come, if necessary, once XP11 is stable.
In the meantime, the work on the Super Cub is going on and two more projects are in the pipeline! 😉

Reality Expansion Pack Update: v2.6.4
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