It’s been a while since v2.5.0 of the Reality Expansion Pack has been released.

We have had no major issues with it but lately we found that the braking system had a bug related to hardware rudder pedals algorithm. Because of this bug, the joystick axis were not managed correctly, resulting in the toe brakes to work only partially.

Version 2.5.1 is meant to target this issue and make your rudder pedals to work properly.

Also, we took the chance to fix some minor things in the C210, such the altimeters knob manipulator and the aileron trim tab.

This update affects all the current REP airplanes: the Cessna 210 and the Bonanza F33 and V35. You can freely get it by downloading your REP package directly from the store where you bought in the first place.


REP gets updated to v2.5.1
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