As promised few days ago, after the release of REP for Carenado’s Bonanza V35B, it’s now the time to freely upgrade your Cessna C210 Centurion and Beech F33A Bonanza to v2.4.

What’s new in v2.4 for the C210 and the F33A

Spark plugs fouling

For the first time, spark plugs fouling has been introduced to X-Plane.

You’ll have to keep a minimum RPMs on the ground and to lean aggressively to avoid spark plugs fouling.

You can choose to use the default spark plugs or the fine-wire ones. The fine-wire spark plugs are less prone to foul due to carbon deposits and let you misbehave a little bit more.

the following screenshot pictures the maintenance window with the new spark plugs selection.

Maintenance Window

LOP and ROP operations

Lean of Peak and Rich of Peak operations refer to how much you lean the mixture during flight.

In the default X-Plane, ROP or LOP do not make any difference. Now, with REP, it does.

There’s a very interesting article on the web that is meant to teach you a little bit more. This one:

TL;DR: you are allowed to fly both rich of peak and lean of peak but, depending on power and on how much ROP/LOP you are, you may damage the engine in the long term.

The in-flight tips will help you in learning when you can and when you cannot lean the engine during flight.

By the way, I’m going to write an how-to about LOP/ROP operations with REP in the next days.

Where can you download the upgrade?

As it’s always been, this upgrade is free for current REP users. 🙂

You can download it from the store where you purchased REP. Just download again the original REP package and do the normal installation.




REP v2.4.0 upgrade is now available
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