This is almost an usual appointment: a new upgrade of the Reality Expansion Pack to bring new features to our beloved X-Plane.

As always, this is a free upgrade for all our current customers. To get it, just download again the package from the store where you bought it at first place.

Improved Engine Logic

  • New Oil filter simulation: when you change the oil, you’ll need to replace the oil filter too
  • New Oil pump damage simulation: the oil pump may be damaged if you push the oil pressure too high (this may happen in cold weather using thick oil)
  • New Fuel filter simulation: you need to replace the fuel filter after a while or when it’s too dirty
  • New Vacuum pump casual failure simulation: the vacuum pump may suddently stop working. This is not a common failure and won’t happen that much, just like in real life. But beware, if you’re flying in IMC you’ll better have a second plan in case of vacuum-related instrumentation failure.
  • Improved engine priming dynamics: just like it was not realistic enough, the fuel flow during priming and startup is now even more accurate.

To let you easily understand all these changes, let’s compare the old and the new Engine Maintenance Windows. First you find the old one, then the new one.

 Old Maintenance Panel
 New Maintenance Window

Improved Cowl Flaps Drag

The more the cowl flaps are open, the more drag they induce. This was an old idea that finally we had the time to implement. This change will likely affect your cruise speed in hot weather, when you need to keep the cowl flaps a little open.

Custom Hypoxia Simulation

Yes, we know. X-Plane already had the hypoxia effect. But let’s be honest: it was not that realistic!

Now you get a realistic tunnel vision and the sounds of hard breathing. The more you stay up there (above 12000-13000ft), the more the effect will be intense. The only way you have to avoid it, is to descend to a lower altitude or to turn on the oxygen system (Cessna 210 only).

To know more and see a video preview, here’s the post about hypoxia that we published yesterday:

Minor Improvements

  • Restored Carenado 2D panel: The Carenado 2D panel can be used to toggle the static elements. This is very useful to put in place the chocks, the pitot tube cover, the engine cowls and the tie-downs at the end of the flight.
  • Improved W&B simulation during flight: the W&B logic has been a little improved to be more precise during flight, especially when burning a lot of fuel.
  • Minor bug fixes

That’s it!

Do you have any comment or idea for future upgrades? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the Reality Expansion Pack Pilots group

Reality Expansion Pack upgrade v2.3 has been released
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