This is mainly a maintenance release that applies to both the C210 and the F33A. It is available for free to all our customers on the stores.

Here’s the changelog:

  1. New Installation Procedure

From v2.2 the installation procedure is much more simple. Instead of merging the folder from REP with the existing ones from Carenado, you just have to move the “REP” folder from the zip to the “plugins” folder of the aircraft. If you’re updating an existing installation, just overwrite the existing “REP” folder inside the “plugins” folder of the aircraft.

  1. The fuel flow indicators are now fixed

The fuel flow indicators (both of analog and digital kind) are now fixed to read the correct fuel flows. This fix addresses two bugs, one from us and another from Carenado, that leaded to some strange FF readings under certain circumnstances, especially at high altitude.

  1. Minor fixes
    • On the Bonanza, the landing gear indicator lights required both the master battery and the avionics to light up. Now they light up with just the master switch on.
    • During the walkround, in some cases the flaps sounds were not played correctly
    • Fixed a double “Software updated correctly” message during the update process
    • Under some conditions, the CHT was not coherent with the engine power output

So this is it! Now run to the stores and update your favourite REP aircraft! 🙂

The Reality Expansion Pack update v2.2 is available
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