Finally the new v1.0.2 is now out. It is being shipped now to the markets so expect them to update the packages in few hours.
What’s new?

New ground roll physics

The default ground physics of X-Plane has been a problem sometimes, especially in cross wind conditions, when the airplane starts steering by itself even in 2knots of wind.
Now REP fixes that old X-Plane issue provinding you a realistic taxiing experience.
The nose wheel steering has been completely revamped in order to better simulate the Cessna nose wheel behavior. Now you should use the correct mix of rudder and differential braking to steer the airplane on the ground.
Plus, if you prefer the default nosewheel behavior, you can disable the advanced steering in the settings menu!

HeadShake Integration

Just install HeadShake v1.5 or newer and enjoy the engine vibrations simulated by REP!
The TSIO-520 vibrations are simulated during the different phases of the flight, especially in cruise. The best RPMs are around 2350, where the vibrations are reduced to the minimum.

Minor changes
  1. The Weight & Balance tool now predicts the C.G. position at landing.
  2. Improved compatibility with Saitek products.
  3. Minor performance fixes and graphics enhancements

Now we will focus the 100% of our efforts to the incoming new airplane. 😉

That’s it. Enjoy REP!

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